Q: Which videoconferencing platform do you recommend?

A: Google Meet using your gmail account is super easy and provides the best host experience because you can easily share your screen and still see your guests. You can also use Zoom or any other video conferencing platform of your choice. 

Q: Why did you create these curated, pre-planned virtual parties?

A: Even before the global pandemic hit, hosting a party or get together was work. With black women being especially impacted by COVID-19, we wanted to make it easy for women to feel connected during this time. Also with everything being online now, Zoom fatigue is real, so we wanted to provide a different and more interactive experience. 

Q: How long should my party last?

A: It is up to the host. In the Party Guides, we give recommended agendas for events that are 60, 90, or 120  minutes. 

Q: Is this a virtual app?

A: No, the party is hosted and facilitated by the host just like any in-person get-together. All you need is a videoconferencing platform (like Google Meet) and to share your screen as indicated in the downloads and you're good to go.  

Being low-tech allows for a more personalized experience that promotes greater connectivity and an experience where everyone feels seen, heard, and included. In the age of social distancing, we believe it is critically important that online experiences feel as personable as possible. 

Q: How do I receive my downloads?

A: Once you purchase, you will receive a link to retrieve your downloads. It is a .zip file, so it is advised to download your documents on a computer or laptop and not your phone unless your are tech savvy and know how to locate documents and .zip files on your phone. Should you have questions, please send an email to info@easyvirtualparties.com.

Q: How do I use the downloads?

A: The Host Notes covers all directions. Here is a video to show you how to use your downloadable party. 

Q: Are the games different in each party and happy hour?

A: Yes. The goal is to keep it fresh! Each party has three unique games, so you will not find games being repeated across any our parties. 

For our happy hours and couple nights, the games also align with the overall party theme.

Q: Is Virtual Vibrations Black-owned?

A: Absolutely!

Q: Do you help plan other virtual events?

A: Yes! Let's talk. Please email us at info@easyvirtualparties.com